Our SmartCompliance System provides Compliance, Convenience and Cost Savings!

SmartCompliance redifines business and commercial first aid.  This innovative approach of an organized grid with easy to manage and monitor individual refill boxes, eliminates overstocked and disorganized cabinets.


SmartCompliance includes the patented SmartTab® ezRefill system that notifies you when it's time to reorder, ensuring you stay compliant.  The SmartTab system combined with the free Safetyhub app, make it easy to replenish supplies, stay in compliance and save up to 50% over traditional van services.  If you are in our Local service area we will make scheduled replenishment stops every month to make sure you are kept stocked up and you can still use the free app if you run low between services and we will have your supplies out the door within 24 hours and our service is at no additional cost to you.  Wether you have 1 or 100 sites America First Response is your source for First Aid supplies and service.  We are also an AHA aligned Training site for all your CPR/AED and First Aid training needs throughout Montana!

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Bussines Owners and Safety Managers, Switch to our New Smart Complience Cabinets and make the task of staying OSHA compliant and keeping your employees safe easier than ever before!